Technical details, pricing
and booking instructions

The number of sessions that we are able to offer with Simon Smart are limited due to his ongoing involvement with product development and professional athletes. We have a waiting list for wind tunnel sessions so if you are planning a visit to the tunnel we would advise you to provide us with your details so that we can ensure you are on our email circulation. Please submit your details here.

Cycle wind tunnel pricing

The Mercedes-AMG Petronas wind tunnel used by Drag2Zero
offers the following features:

Test speed:

Jet type:

Wind angle:

Front wheel: 

Rear Wheel: 

Rider interface:  


Up to 72kph

Open – providing lower blockage levels than a closed jet simulating real world conditions more closely

Up to 15 degrees, allowing simulation of cross winds


Rider driven rear wheel through resistance unit

Rider able to view results through projector in tunnel

Brackley, Northamptonshire