Your wind tunnel questions answered…

Below are a few questions and answers that we hope will help you understand a little more about our wind tunnel services:


Q. How do I book a wind tunnel session?

If you would like to go on our mailing list to be informed of availability for wind tunnel sessions, submit your enquiry here.


Q. Do you offer wind tunnel tests at the weekend?

I am afraid that we do not run sessions at the weekend.


Q. How much will my performance improve after visiting the wind tunnel?

Whilst improvements we see vary from person to person depending on a number of different variables, it is not unusual for us to see an improvement of up to 20% during a first visit to the wind tunnel.


Q. Where is the wind tunnel

The wind tunnel that we use is located at the Mercedes-AMG Petronas GP facility in Brackley, Northamptonshire.  For directions to this site, please click here.


Q. What can be achieved in a Wind Tunnel session?

During a 2 hour session there will be time to cover all general aspects of a rider’s position and this is adequate for most amateurs (for full details of what is covered in a wind tunnel session click here).  You should also consider that you will be pedalling at 60-70% of your normal power output during the session.  For serious time trialists and triathletes it is possible to spend more time on specified positions either by booking extra time to see us, or by coming back.  After the session, we write up your results in a report which we will send to you on a USB to enable you to really work on your position after the session.


Q. Can you test at different yaw angles?

Yes. This wind tunnel simulates the real world conditions very closely as we are able to test in a cross wind (yaw) and also because the tunnel is open jet. For further details of the specification and price of the tunnel please click here.


Q. Do you have any products for me to test and buy in the tunnel?

We have a range of helmets and handlebars for you to try and you can then order these from us if you would like to buy. We are also able to supply a selection of different wheels for you to try out and test against your existing set (please note that we can share with you our existing data about wheel performance to assist you in your buying choices, so wheel testing may not be necessary).  You can also try our skinsuits and overshoes on for size.

The helmets we have available for you to try include Scott Split, Bell Javelin, Kask Bambino, Giro Selector, Giro Advance, Spuik, Uvex, Catlike, Limar Speed Demon, Laxer Tardis, Rudy Project Wingspan, Bell Meteor 2 and LG Vortice.


Q. What do I have to bring on the day ?

You should bring your bike, any wheels, bars, helmets and skin suits that you are keen to compare. If you would like to test with two bikes please let us know prior to booking as you may require more time. You should also bring energy drink and water and a towel. For safety, you will also need to wear glasses/a visor in the wind tunnel. If your bike is non standard in any way, e.g. size, you must let us know this at the time of booking as it may require modifications to be made to the rig.


Q. Do I need to prepare my bike before the session?

To save time when we are in the wind tunnel, you are advised to remove inner gear cables, so that ski poles can be changed easily and quickly. Pedalling will be done in one gear, so we can set the gears manually. Brake cables can be left connected.


Q. How many runs will I have in a 2 hour session?

This will depend on whether you want to test any equipment (equipment changes require extra time). We are able to conduct between 6 and 10 runs in a 2 hour session.


Q. What time should I arrive for my session?

You should arrive no later than half an hour prior to your wind tunnel session to allow time for meeting you and set up.


Q. Do I bring a heart rate monitor?

Whilst not essential, if you have your own bike computer then it does help you to control your speed and power when in the tunnel.


Q. Do you measure power output?

The aerodynamic drag can be presented as a power gain or loss in watts. This information is provided as part of the results from the session. The power level on the resistance unit can be set at any level and is set appropriate to the rider to achieve consistent and realistic conditions.


Q. Can I bring my coach/friend along to the session?

We appreciate that you will see a visit to the wind tunnel as an investment. We therefore do what we can to make the most of your time there. In our experience, people who accompany riders into the wind tunnel cannot contain their interest and enthusiasm for the process and whilst we love telling people about what we do, time taken speaking to others distracts us from what we are being paid to do – look at the cyclists position and advise them. So, we ask that you come into the tunnel on your own so you can get the most out of it and we can be sure that we are giving you 100% of our attention.


Q. Do I get my results to take away with me?

Following the test, we will send you a USB with the results of your tests, including photographs, and send it to you. We aim to do this within two weeks.


Q. Should I arrive in my cycling kit?

We have changing rooms available for this.


Q. Can I arrange for photos to be taken of me in the wind tunnel?

As part of the report provided after the session you will be provided with photos of your “before and after” positions. Other photos should not be taken in the wind tunnel. If you require photos for sponsors etc, please let us know when booking and it may be possible to provide these. Photos must not be taken generally on the Merecedes-AMG Petronas site – they reserve the right to ask anyone seen taking photos to leave.