D2Z cyclist skinsuits

Smart Aero Skinsuits

Having worked with over 300 professional and amateur cyclists optimising their riding position in the wind tunnel, we have seen first hand the performance potential and need for aerodynamically optimised clothing.

Wind tunnels, CFD, track and road testing, – these are some of the tools that we use to develop our time trial skinsuits. Hundreds of hours of development time, looking at fabrics, seam placement and cut has resulted in the second iteration of the Smart suit which has been worn by professionals and amateurs with some record breaking results on the road and track.

With our unique access to the wind tunnel at the Mercedes MG Petronas F1 headquarters, we go further than just testing our suits in a wind tunnel – we develop them using this amazing state of the art tool, testing fabrics and suits over and over again until we have a product we are happy with.

For 2016, the Smart Suit will be replaced by the Endura Drag2Zero Encapsulator suit which is available in Endura’s online shop. The 2016 suit is based on the suit worn last year by the Movistar cycle team, including Alex Dowsett when he broke the UK 10 mile record, and Matt Bottrill of the UK during his record breaking year in 2014.

Available in black with aqua or neon yellow elements (image coming soon).

For more information and to order visit http://www.endurasport.com/shop/

• Wind tunnel developed

• Smart Aero Technology™ fabric used for reduced drag and increased performance

• Seamless, moulded 4 way elastic pad for comfort and fit

• Seam placement for reduced drag and improved fit

• Available in black

Weight / HeightSize
50kgs – 1,60mXS
60kgs – 1,70mS
70kgs – 1,80mM
80kgs – 1,90mL


To enquire about the availability of these skinsuits, please email us or call +44 (0)1295 236 117