D2Z Disc Wheel

D2Z Disc Wheel

D2Z has been developing a disc wheel for the past three years. Our research and experience has shown that many disc wheels lack lateral stiffness causing problems with brake rub and poor response. The few manufacturers that have addressed the lateral stiffness problem have increased stiffness through the sidewall – this can lead to a harsh ride, poor tire compliance and fatigue during longer events. We have derived a new disc construction technique which uses internal carbon spars to improve vertical compliance whilst offering class leading lateral stiffness. This has led to a novel composite structure that has not been seen in wheel design before.

Many different laminates have been evaluated in order to obtain the best compromise between ride, stiffness and robustness. The final product weighs in at approx. 900 grams using the ultra-reliable and class leading DT Hub internals. Whilst the wheel is heavier than some of the narrower disc wheels available, tests have shown it to be 15% stiffer and with a width of 24mm the weight is very competitive with other discs in this class.

The wheel shape has been developed using CFD and extensive wind tunnel testing at the Drag2Zero wind tunnel testing facility with a rider to verify the performance. The rim width has been limited to 24mm at the braking surface in order to avoid clearance issues and to ensure it works optimally in a time trial frame. We have also developed the rim to work with the wider tires (23 to 25mm) which offer an advantage in rolling resistance.

The sidewalls of the wheel are curved to offer optimal performance between 0 and 10 degrees yaw. Benchmarking tests have shown that the wheel matches the competition above 10 degrees yaw, and surpasses the market leaders below 10 degrees of yaw. Due to the clearance of the drive train, our research has shown us that reducing the curvature on the drive side does compromise aerodynamic performance. Therefore, every effort has been made to keep as much curvature as possible, which means that rear derailleur clearance can be an issue on the lowest gear in 11 speed cassettes in some set ups. Our thinking is that a disc wheel is for riding fast and that it should not be compromised for the occasional need of the smallest cog.

• Price: £1899

• Weight: 920 grams +/- 10 grams

• Optimised for 0 to 10 degree yaw angle

• 24mm braking surfaces

• Recommended Tyres: 23 to 25mm Tubular

• D2Z Tubular Disc wheel

• Carbon Closure Panel

• 5 x Closure Panel Stickers

• 1 Pair Swiss Stop Brake Pads

• Standard Decals (Black or White)

• D2Z Double Wheel bag

The D2Z Disc wheel comes with the following options:

  • Black or white decals as standard
  • Different decal colour – £50
  • Ceramic bearing upgrade – £180



To enquire about the availability of the D2Z Disc Wheel, please email us or call +44 (0)1295 236 117.