Finding the right helmet that works for your position is critical - it could be worth 10-15 watts. We have over 7 years experience in optimising position and helmet fit and also testing and developing helmets.


Frame aerodynamics is complicated and the interaction between rider and wheels is challenging. We have tested many different bikes for customers and have also designed/developed bikes for manufacturers. Ensuring the frame fits the rider properly is key to achieving the most efficient aerodynamic and biomechanical position. Don’t let the bike compromise your fit! Consider where and how you race and get the trade off right between weight, stiffness and aerodynamics.


In 2007 we started developing frames and found wheels needed to interact more efficiently in the frame and fork. At the same time we found that riders didn’t go faster on the fastest wheels. So we partnered with one of the best carbon wheel manufacturers on the planet – ENVE Composites. The Smart ENVE System range combines the strength of the ENVE World Championship downhill wheel with Formula One aerodynamics. Speed, strength, stability...


Wheel choice is specific to athlete and event. Weight, stiffness, aerodynamics and stability are key. The Smart ENVE System 8.9 is the best all round choice with the 95 rear out performing rear discs in the wind tunnel. As quick as most discs, lighter and stiffer than any wheel in the price category, it’s a perfect choice for all time trials and triathlon. D2Z are launching a disc wheel in 2013 for the specialist who needs that extra performance. At 880 grams it is one of the lightest on the market whilst offering superior aerodynamics and stiffness to all other products tested. Follow us on Twitter to keep up with developments...@drag2zero


Aerodynamic performance of clothing can vary massively, meaning the right choice can mean a difference of between 10-20 watts. We started to develop clothing to optimise performance in pro riders. This led to the Smart Aero skin suit and overshoes becoming available. We are currently developing clothing for triathletes which will be available soon.


Find the most efficient position for power and drag. We have spent 6 years working with amateur and professional athletes in the wind tunnel helping them find their most efficient position for power and drag. It's not unusual for an average rider to find a 20% improvement in performance through this process.


Position is critical – but how do you achieve it? D2Z now has a range of bespoke ski poles and armrests to achieve those positions that are not possible with off the shelf products. We also have experience in developing handlebars such as the Giant Trinity handlebar package and Pro Missile 2 bar. For 2013 a new exciting Smart ENVE System TT bar will be launched which is very efficient whilst retaining versatility.