D2Z carbon fibre arm rests

Holding that important aero position can be tough, so we have designed these carbon fibre arm rests to help you stay on your TT bars even in the windiest conditions – they are stiff whilst retaining a high level of vertical compliance. Developed using CFD and our wind tunnel facility, we have seen them reduce drag by between 2-3 watts. Made from Formula One grade carbon fibre, they have also been ergonomically developed to ensure they are comfortable.

Key features

  • Ergonomically designed
  • Supplied blank to be drilled and trimmed by the customer to suit individual requirements
  • Compatible with any bar system (please contact us if in doubt)
  • 80gms per pair
  • Constructed from F1 grade carbon fibre
  • Supplied with foam pad (not shown) to be cut to size and fitted after holes are drilled


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Price: £145.00

Postage to UK destinations is free. For shipping outside the UK please contact us.