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Smart Aero Technology is the home of aerodynamically driven and engineered products for cyclists and triathletes. Founded in 2007 by Simon Smart (an ex Red Bull Formula One aerodynamicist), we use state of the art wind tunnels and CFD analysis to find ways of helping athletes shave seconds off their best time – whether through the use of components we design or by advising on their riding position.  Based on the Mercedes AMG PETRONAS F1 site, we have access to the technology available in motorsport valley and have utilised this in the products that we have designed.

We have assisted in the design of two of the most aerodynamically optimised bikes in the world – the Giant Trinity and the Scott Plasmas (3, 4 and 5), as well as the Scott FOIL Aero road bike.  Since 2011 we have worked in partnership with ENVE Composites (, a Utah based carbon fibre wheel manufacturer to develop the Smart ENVE range of aero wheels and components which have been enormously successful – the best we have ridden is something you will often hear said about them.

In 2014 we started working with Endura on their clothing for the Movistar Cycle Team and the professional triathletes that they sponsor. Soon a new clothing range will be launched with Endura which will enable the public to tap into the fruits of the hours of development time spent in our bid to make the fastest cycle and triathlon clothing.

We act as technical consultants to pro tour teams, advising them on all things aerodynamic, including their clothing.

Sister business Drag2Zero sees professional and amateur cyclists and triathletes come into the Mercedes Benz F1 wind tunnel to optimise their riding position.  We have developed hardware and software to make sure that this is the best wind tunnel facility for cyclists and manufacturers in Europe if not the world.  The contact this side of the business gives us with professionals and amateurs gives us a unique insight into what athletes want in their equipment.

Here are a few milestones in our short but eventful history:


Smart Aero Technology (previously called Velo Science) established to focus on the use of aerodynamics in cycling.

Drag2Zero, the first wind tunnel service available to cyclists in the UK, available for the first time advising professional and amateur cyclists on ways in which they can aerodynamically optimise their riding position in a wind tunnel.  We continue to provide this service to cyclists and triathletes at all levels, including pro tour teams such as Katusha Pro Cycling team and professional iron man/triathletes like Timo Bracht.

Commences role as consultant to High Road Cycling working with the likes of Bert Grabsch, Tony Martin and Judith Arndt.  Commissioned to design the new Giant time trial frame.


Giant Trinity launched at the Tour de France by Team Columbia High Road.  Later the bike receives awards for Best Triathlon Bike at the Eurobike show and Best Innovation Award at the Taipei Bike Show.

Commences work on Scott Plasma 3


Launch of Scott Plasma 3


Wind tunnel development of skin suits and overshoes commences.   Worn by many on the pro tour including Tony Martin and Judith Arndt in the Tour de France and World Time Trial Championships.  We continue to supply pro tour teams with clothing and are currently developing aerodynamically optimised clothing for triathletes.

Commence work on new wheel system.


Commercial launch of Scott Foil (used in 2010 by Team HTC-Columbia)


Full launch of the Smart ENVE System wheel range – three wheel sets with varying depths of rims.


Early 2014 saw us announce our collaboration with Endura to develop a range of aero clothing starting with the development of clothing for the Movistar cycle team. Later that year in July the new Scott Plasmas 4 and 5, which we aerodynamically designed, were launched in Switzerland with a track version of the bike being used later in the year by Matthais Brandle when he broke the world hour record. This year also saw the first sales of the D2Z disc wheel, which have been available in limited numbers. As well as being aerodynamically optimised, this disc uses a unique construction to make it the stiffest disc wheel available. Work continues with ENVE to expand the Smart ENVE System wheel line up, with new 4.5 wheels being designed for launch in 2015. ENVE’s sponsorship of the MTN Qhubeka professional cycling team was announced so we now see the wheels being used on the pro tour. Working directly with athletes, such as Luke McKenzie, the Movistar riders and amateurs, means we continue to tap into their needs to make sure the products we are designing hit all the right spots. For more information


So far 2015 has been more than eventful! Working with Alex Dowsett on his bid to break the hour record on 2 May has been the highlight so far. We have also seen the new Smart ENVE 4.5 wheelset launch to fantastic reviews. Looking forward to seeing what the rest of this year brings.