About Smart Enve system Projects

Smart projects

As well as our own research and product development we’ve been behind quite a few famous, trend setting products in the cycling world: Below are examples of just some of our collaborations with the likes of Enve, Scott and Giant.

Smart ENVE system wheels

Of all the components of a bike the wheels are perhaps the ones that have had the most time and money spent on optimising them aerodynamically. Indeed there are some seriously impressive wheels on the market. The smart system wheels, however, were designed from a completely different approach. Right from the word go these wheels were designed as wheels mounted in a bike frame and used in real world conditions. With the help of the ENVE composites engineers we have produced the fastest wheels the ‘real world’ has ever seen.

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Scott Foil

Scott Foil & Smart Aero Technology

With a material as versatile as carbon fibre it was obvious that a departure from the traditional tubing shapes associated with road bikes was possible. Indeed several manufacturers have had aerodynamic road bikes on the market for some time now. In the past these have often been seem more as time-trial bikes with a more relaxed geometry and tended to lack the stiffness and precision of traditional road bike handling in extreme conditions like a sprint or a technical descent.

We designed a tube cross section to account for the requirements of the whole bicycle system: The result is a frame that retains the structural integrity of a conventional road frame but is much more efficient aerodynamically. As always we sought to make the improvements relevant to real world users, who will not be riding their bikes in the wind tunnel; for example frame mounted bottles were accounted for in the design.

Scott Plasma 3

A bike is a combination of complex systems all of which must work together in order to maximise the product’s potential. The Scott plasma three is the latest iteration of this process boasting not only world leading aerodynamic performance but also maintaining the equally important structural integrity to match.

Scott Plasma 4/5

Giant Trinity Advanced

The giant collaboration was one of our earlier one and really stirred things up in the world of cycle aerodynamics. With a host of aerodynamic features not seen before in the world of cycling, an innovative approach to fitting a rider to a time trial frame and the advantages of developing the product with some of the most powerful cyclists in the business made this bike FAST.

Skin Suit development

To develop our cycle clothing we have used extensive field and wind tunnel testing with some top riders on the pro and amateur circuit.  Through this thorough testing and obtaining rider feedback we have been able to optimise not only fabric choice but fit too.  We are excited to continue this development with Endura in provision of time trial clothing for the Movistar cycle team during 2014.  During 2015 the Endura D2Z custom skin suit will be available through Endura’s custom service, providing amateurs with access to the technology that we have developed.