Smart Enve wheel systems

Smart ENVE system wheels

Improving upon existing technology requires approaching the problem from a different angle. With ENVE Composites, we have done just that in creating the world’s fastest bicycle wheels. This has resulted in the development of a new line of aero wheels, known as Smart ENVE System wheel sets.

With front and rear rims each individually optimised specifically for the airflow that they encounter, all of the Smart ENVE System wheels represent an optimal balance between speed, stability, and stiffness to weight according to their intended use.

In short we have developed the metrics to ensure that when you plug a pair of Smart ENVE System wheels into your frame you activate a system capable of moving you from point A to B faster than any other combination on the market.


Smart ENVE system wheels


Smart ENVE 3.4 wheel set

As light and as shallow as possible whilst maintaining a significant aerodynamic advantage over a traditional lightweight rim.

Smart ENVE 6.7 wheel set

A fantastic all rounder. The 6.7 is incredibly aerodynamic and also a very stable wheel in cross winds. A versatile wheel that is suitable for road, time trial or cross racing events.

Smart ENVE 8.9 wheel set

The 8.9 wheel-set FAST. It is the most ‘aero’ of the range, whilst still being incredibly stable and suitable for tough racing conditions.