Smart Enve System 4.5 wheel (SES 4.5)

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Smart Enve System 4.5 wheels (SES 4.5)

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Designed by our own Simon Smart for road cyclists and triathletes looking to minimize the tradeoff between aerodynamics, lightweight, and stability.   Rounding off the Smart ENVE System wheel line as a true mid-depth cycling race wheelset, these wheels are quickly becoming a firm favourite with all who ride them. Featuring a refined shape and construction they yield outstanding acceleration, cornering, impact resistance and weight savings.

A recent purchaser had this to say:  Sunday race.  “Wheel was absolutely spot on. Best I have ever used. Could recommend to anyone looking for a stable aero wheel for road or TT. As well as being stable it seemed quite comfortable – not too harsh (the road surface in places on this course is rather unfriendly). As for the speed of the wheel I cannot 100% say but my feeling is that it is as fast as anything I have ridden. For sure at no point was I tempted to adjust my position on the bike for the sake of control.”

Smart ENVE System 4.5 Technical Spec
MaterialCarbon Fibre
Rim Depth48 / 56
Internal Rim Width18.5 / 17
External Rim Width27 / 25.5
ERD**563 / 545
Built Weight1448.70
Rim Weight361 / 399
Recommended Tyre Size23mm - 25mm

* Weights calculated using 16/20 hole count and DT Aerolite bladed spokes.

**ERD includes additional length for Pillar internal nipples (16mm)

Tubular recommended tyre pressure: 100 – 140 psi

Warning: when using Non-Locking brake holders, DO NOT apply the brakes while simultaneously rotating the wheel backwards. Failure to do so may result in ejection of the brake pad resulting in serious harm, accident, bodily injury or death. Note: Campy has redesigned their brake pad holder from 2010 (non-locking) to 2011 (locking). Make sure you are using the correct pad at all times.


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